Daily Life

Ready for Take Off ✈️

Hello old friends and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It's our unofficial send off into summer and in the airline industry the official start of the busiest, craziest times of the year. It's time for SUMMER TRAVEL!! For a lot of people, vacationing once a year is the only time they'll fly on an airplane. Or… Continue reading Ready for Take Off ✈️

Daily Life

Pantry Organization Haul!

Happiest Saturday to You! We are working on a few MUCH needed household projects 'round here. We moved into our house in October and pretty much just shoved things where they would fit and have been making do since. Last week I COULD NOT TAKE ANYMORE. Clutter everywhere, piled on top of clutter. One particular… Continue reading Pantry Organization Haul!

Daily Life

Should I Take My Pants Off?

Ever been faced with a time in life when you had to make a decision you are unsure about? I faced one of these moments yesterday afternoon. My very awesome husband gave me a gift card for Christmas to get a facial. I have an obsession with clear skin and yet am plagued with a… Continue reading Should I Take My Pants Off?


Super Scary Secret Nachos

Scrambling at the last minute for some snack ideas for tomorrow?? Let me break down these nachos for you: SUPER: describing taste and appropriateness for your SUPERbowl snack table SCARY: because these are SCARY easy to make, but also have a SCARY secret ingredient... which leads to our next point.. SECRET: it's actually not a… Continue reading Super Scary Secret Nachos