Daily Life

New Year’s Day

Happy New Year!

I have not been planning this blog. I have not been anticipating a “new year release”. In fact, when I woke up this morning, the thought “I’m gonna start a blog today!” didn’t even cross my mind…. It was when I was standing over the toilet squirting Lysol around the rim that the idea came to me.


In an effort to start 2018 out on the right foot, I brewed some coffee and started to clean house. Make the bed, clean the dishes in the sink, press GO on my Roomba (thank you Santa), and in an adrenaline burst of new beginnings- I decide to clean the bathroom.

Windex, Lysol, bleach, rubber gloves. It’s time. I go straight to the nitty gritty. I lift the lid.

I’m horrified. There’s dust. There’s hair. There’s STAINS. Sweet lord, the stains. Then, it occurs to me.. my husband lifts this lid at least once a day! He’s witnessed the progression of this madness. Yet, here I am on all fours consulting Mr. Clean-

“is this normal??” **sprays disinfectant**

“How has he gone day to day seeing this??” **Clorox wiping**

I’m the wife. I’m the woman, and no matter what may be said—we are simply wired differently. It’s my biggest blessing, and yet sometimes (when cleaning the toilet bowl) a curse.

So that’s what this will be. Wife stuff. But more than that, Woman stuff… because whether you’re a wife or not- most of my issues stem from the roaring of womanhood. Laundry. Leggings that are cute. Leggings that give you camel toe. Recipes for when you’re trying to feel skinny. Recipes for when you want a pile of carbs on top of some carbs dunked in chocolate.

But mostly, for me, I hope this will be a way to keep a documented account of my time. 2017 was a wonderful, exciting year for me, but I realize- I don’t really have much to show for it. I’m not a journal-er, nor am I the best at taking pictures, and I can barely walk into the kitchen and remember what I was doing- let alone remember moments from a whole year of my life. So really, this is just me trying to keep track of me. And if, along the way, someone other than my mother should happen to read it (bless them), so be it! Here’s to an exciting new beginning, and a much cleaner bathroom!!

My new year’s resolutions:

  • Less time on social media, more time outdoors
  • Take more pictures
  • More movement! Exercise
  • Meal prepping for each week
  • Daily devotion to God. PRAY before you DO
  • Be a blessing


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