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The “Real” New Year

January 2nd is the official mark of the “real” new year.

January 1st is a holiday. A day off work. A day to binge-watch Law & Order. A day to sleep in and catch up from the EXHAUSTING year you just survived.

But today… today is the day people make changes. Trust me, I went to Planet Fitness today. There were treadmills FULL of people making changes. And it was fabulous.

My day was semi-productive.

  1. Keep a smile on my face through the work day: CHECK
  2. Eat food prepped for the day and not brownies: half CHECK
  3. gym: CHECK
  4. Shower: CHECK

This brings me to my PEAK productivity today. While I did not wash my hair (baby steps), I DID shave my legs. And WOAH, I used shaving cream. Happy. New. Year.

Most of the time I make do with some form of body wash/conditioner mix due to a lack of extra money and a lack of remembering that shaving cream is a thing. But, a few days before Christmas, my husband and I were in Walmart and we found ourselves within the shaving cream aisle… arguing.

Now let me take you back a few months (think October) when I started some of my Christmas shopping. My husband is obsessed with a line of men’s face wash sold online, called Ursa Major. They have face wash, they have shaving cream, they have moisturizers. And it makes his face smell like he just splashed in a babbling brook flowing down a mountainside with an outdoor breeze air-dry. And he knows the more he washes his face the less I can pick at his black heads. #wifelife.. Anyway, he LOVES the stuff, and he’d been out for, like, a year. So I bought him all the different products and stuffed them in his stocking and forgot about it.

Flash forward to Walmart shaving cream aisle– just DAYS before Christmas. I remember shaving cream is a thing, and I want to buy it because it’s Christmas and spending more money is the only thing at which I seem to excel. In an effort to be frugal and practical, I ask Trent which one he would like to get so we can share. Because I’m looking at the Skintimate Raspberry Rain and now is his time to shine with a “whatever you want, honey”.

Now, I wish I could say that I was just trying to “throw him off the trail” of one of his Christmas gifts, because the Ursa Major shaving cream was one of the only things he asked me for. Poor guy. But I had totally forgotten that I already bought him his very own fancy MAN shaving cream and did not need to consult him. I could indulge in Raspberry Rain. But instead, we went back and forth for several minutes until we finally left with this bundle of joy:


Equate is life.

So tonight, as I was lathering up– yelling to Trent from the bathtub “THIS IS THE WORST”, he remembers that men’s shaving cream doesn’t do as well when it gets wet– for example, when shaving one’s legs in a tub full of water. So we really probably shouldn’t share.

So I’m pushing forward into the new year, with smooth legs that smell like a middle-school aged boy’s cologne. And I have, what I can only assume to be, a whole year of this to look forward to since this whole bottle is now mine and my hubs shaves with his aloe filled, tree-hugging shaving cream.

But boy do I love him.


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