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Free Lasagna

Ever have a day you want to rewind, undo, reboot, fast forward through? That was me today. It wasn’t pretty. Things fell apart, fell back together mishapenly, and then fell apart again.

But I was greeted on my doorstep after getting home by 2 of the BEST things!

Here’s a picture of my dog Maggie, with a remnant of lasagna she found in our neighbors yard. She came out to “run to me” but quickly re-routed when the cheesy marinara hit her smell trail. She proceeded to eat a whole piece of someone’s leftover lasagna… and no one questioned her… what a life to live. FREE LASAGNA.

I also had a box FULL of Scentsy goodies waiting on this same doorstep! I’d been waiting on that smell-good shipment for DAYS. Ok, it really wasn’t that long, but it was no amazon prime, ya feel me.

I bought a whole big bundle of new stuff with some Christmas money. My parents did a new thing this year where we all got one present and then they gave us the rest in cash and it was the best Santa has ever done….Because, does anybody else do this:

All year long I keep this little list in my head of “I’m gonna ask for THAT this Christmas, that is perfect for me!” And then December 1st hits and everyone is demanding A LIST and I write down things like “ladder” or “bar soap” from ALL THE STINKING PRESSURE. And honestly I really don’t need anything, and by the time Christmas actually happens I really don’t even want what was on my list anymore… And then the cycle starts all over on December 26th and I’m all “I’m gonna ask for THAT next Christmas!!”

Well this year I didn’t have to wait, I wanted some more Scentsy for my house and I GOT IT (if you aren’t on that game, you need to tag in). Can’t help myself, let me share some of my new gifts!!


I got this cutie for the kitchen!

And these were 2 of my fave scents. Took a chance on the bubblegum (I’m a child), and I’m not disappointed!! If you’re a “fresh” scent lover like me, Honeymoon Hideaway is top notch.

And to top it off, I have a husband who is heating up dinner right now. Karma is real and my day is turning around!


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