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Saturday Sunshine


Though I’m not in the midst of the bomb cyclone tundra, I am finding myself in a few more layers than usual. It was a balmy 32 degrees in Chattanooga this afternoon, but the sun was shining and the woods were calling Trent’s name. They never stop. So we bundled up and went to one of our favorite outdoor spots, the locally famous “Sunset Rock”. img_1220

One of MY favorite things about this little nature nugget is that it… really isn’t a hike. You see, the woods don’t really call my name as mentioned above for my hubs. They know of me, they’ve seen me here and there.. but we aren’t really on a first name basis.

This little area actually has a little parking lot and short-walk access to the overlook (DING DING DING–my kind of outdoors).

There is also a longer 4ish-mile version to get to the overlook point of Sunset Rock that, when we first moved here, Trent thought we would “enjoy”. Ohh the early times of this #wifelife. I still call it “that one time we took the long way…”. But if you’re into that sort of thing, it can be done.

One of my favorite things about going to Sunset Rock is it’s surroundings on top of Lookout Mountain. All over the mountain are the most beautiful old homes. I’m not talking old as in run down, ghost-in-the-attic-old.. I’m using old as in OLD MONEY old. They’re ginormous and straight out of a Southern Living magazine and it’s a direct view into how “the other side” lives.

I recommend this little area to anyone coming to visit, but be warned: It is on top of a mountain. The roads are curvy and winding, but also lead to cool attractions like Rock City and Ruby Falls. I give you this warning because my nephew (3 years old at the time) puked Cheetos all over himself about half-way up the hill. Little angel. Car-sickness is real and there are not many convenient points to pull over. img_1233

But we have stomach’s of steel! Here’s some photos from our afternoon:

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