Nooga Notes

Mean People and Mean Mugz

We got burned this week. It was a combination of a bank holiday, inclement weather, bad luck and bad morals.

The hubs and I are on the market for a new car. We’ve done some searching, perused the internet, test driven a few models. Lo and behold, we finally found one that fit our standards and our budget! It seemed too good to be true. Right after the new year, we talked to the sellers and struck up a deal. We had some difficulty with the financing end though, as this car was owned in a trust (through a trust? by a trust? pick whichever sounds best to you).. and this proved to be another hoop to jump through for the bank. So we found out what we needed, got it all together over the weekend, and Monday was our day to drive off into the sunset!

Oops, Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Tuesday we would drive off into the sunset!

Tuesday! Tuesday the weatherman is calling for snow in the afternoon. Better play it safe, so Trent offers to meet the sellers at the Circuit Clerk office at 11am- to give himself time to hit the bank that morning and then still beat the snow to the courthouse for the title.

Whaddaya know, he approaches the courthouse doors-with the sellers as planned at 11am-to find them locked with a sign that reads “Office Closing at 11am due to Inclement Weather Advisory”. What makes it even worse? He had been sitting in the car waiting for the sellers to arrive before going inside. **LIFE LESSON: no more waiting in the car**

So they parted ways with the plan to meet back up later in the week when Trent’s school schedule would allow some “errand time”.

2 hours later we received a text that said “Sorry, we sold the car”.

No call. No offer of: “we’ve got another interested buyer, is there anything you can do to make this happen”. It was gone. The sellers had contacted someone who had messaged them from Alabama and sold it to them an hour after the courthouse fell through.


It hurt. And the snow didn’t start sticking until about 5pm so all of those courthouse people can eat it!

Also, I would like to formally apologize to my 1:15pm patient from yesterday. Trent called me at 1:06pm to tell me that the car had been sold. I have a feeling that Mr. 1:15’s teeth cleaning may have been a little more rough than usual.

The not-even-1-inch snow did come, though, which worked out in our favor today. Trent was out of school, and it’s my day off from work so we have tried to re-compose ourselves and relax. We went to one of our favorite little Chattanooga spots called Mean Mug and split a muffin and some coffee. Love the pink mugs!! The muffin was banana-nutella, and was not tracked in MyFitnessPal, so did I really even eat it?? You be the judge.

I snapped some hurried-not-good pictures because I freak out and don’t want to look like “that person” taking pictures with their phone.

It’s a cute little place that we rarely get to go to–because we’re adults. I’m always so fascinated, though, by all the people who are able to hang out at coffeeshops. Who has this life? Where you can just go sit for hours in an oversized sweater, consuming lattes and muffins and never look up from your laptop.img_1314

College kids. Thats who. I’m married to one. #WIFELIFE


Here’s to the rest of the week looking up! Drink some coffee, and handle it!

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