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Reasons to Hike, from a Non-Hiker

The weather was a BEAUTIFUL surprise today! 56 degrees, sun shining, Saturday-in-January delivered straight from the Lord above. After a tough week, the temperature rose and so did my spirits. My husband tried to take advantage of this and we drove out for an afternoon hike.

I say “take advantage” because hiking with me can only be enjoyable under a few critical circumstances. I have ruined one too many hikes, I am so guilty, and I hate it. But I got some new hiking shoes, I think it has helped slightly (in the 2 times I’ve agreed to be seen in them). They are not stylish or anything I remotely like- but they give me purpose when I wear them. HIKE!img_1322

I feel like the root of this non-hike-ness dates back to a memory from my childhood in which I got into my first real situation of TROUBLE in school. My friend, Julie, and I walked the Nature Trail at our school by ourselves during recess. We were 2 kindergarteners breaking free to find our inner Reese Witherspoon in Wild. We both ended up sitting out for the rest of recess and taking home a note to our parents. So for me, nature=TROUBLE.

But it’s true. When I hike, I get whiny. I don’t enjoy being too hot. I don’t enjoy being too cold. Uphill. Downhill. Moving, in general, I get tired of. I tend to not be a good sport, as a rule.

But apparently, today was the perfect equation! Because here I am writing a post about how I’d like to hike more, and I think you should to.

I’d like to really set the tone for the rest of this post, and share with you the trail we took today. It made me laugh. And sing. The whole time. WE GOTTA ROCK DOWN TO: img_1325

1. Being outside is a good time.

Weather permitting, of course. There’s something about the outdoors that we all connect to, it frees us up a little- body and mind. My husband is going to feel like his life’s work is complete reading that statement from me. And there’s so much to be seen! If you just look around and take it all in it becomes… (see #2)

2. A humbling experience

When you take a look around outside, it’s an easy way to realize just how small you are. One teeny tiny piece of an amazing work. I haven’t experienced this feeling quite as much as when Trent and I visited Yosemite National Park this fall. The height of the mountains, the utter hugeness of the Giant Sequoia trees… it was unbelievable. You find yourself just in AWE of the creation you are apart of. Here’s some pictures from our trip:

3. It will help you reach your step goal

If you think I wasn’t checking my Fitbit every 5 seconds to watch my step count adding up, you do not know me. It was charged specifically for this reason. I never said I was a perfect outdoorsman, but I was a motivated one! Fitbit pictured in this rare selfie captured today:img_1327

4. There’s no membership fee

This is probably one of the biggest reasons my husband and I hike together. It’s a way to exercise, it’s a way to do something together, and it’s FREE. To anybody. And we can bring our dog! Double win! Family and budget friendly.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a happier hike than today’s. Which also means -in turn- neither has my husband :). So I’m planning to refer back to this post next time he asks me to tag along to remind myself just how fun it can be. In the perfect climate. When I’m in a good mood. After I’ve said a few prayers. And all my dry-fit clothes are clean. And maybe a little bribery is involved. #WIFELIFE

‘Til Next time!

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