Daily Life

Birthdays and Bananas

It has been a jam-packed weekend!

Thursday was Trent’s 27th birthday, a day I greet with open arms. It’s the day that ends the streak in which I am the cougar-cradle-robbing bag of bones, as I am 4 months and 11 days his senior. Oh happy day.

It also means something else. Banana Pudding.

In Trent’s family, banana pudding is KING. Not just any banana pudding, they have a very specific standard that must be met. That pudding you mix up and store in the fridge with layers of whipped cream, wafers and bananas? TRASH. They play for the other team. Banana pudding MUST be a custard-based pudding, served warm, with a mountain of meringue on top.

It is absolutely to die for and I count my lucky stars to have inherited his family recipe at one of my bridal showers before our wedding. My mother-in-law knew our marriage would be doomed without it.

I have the funniest memory of Trent and I at my best friend’s rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding. We were eating at the Pennyrile State Park Lodge and getting ready to check out the dessert buffet. I remember Chelsea (the bride) saying:

“They have a soft-serve ice cream machine, some chocolate cake, and then banana pudding. But they make it weird here…. they serve it hot.”

She barely even got the words out before the chair next to me spun out in a hurry, Trent making a bee-line to the pudding station. It was like a scene out of a cartoon. He came back with both hands full and eyes glazed over- dessert drunk.

So, every year, I make him a batch of banana pudding for his birthday! I learn something new every time, and am amazed at how not-hard it is for something that turns out so pretty! Here’s some finished product pictures:

This year, as I was pudding-prepping, I picked my bananas out of our fruit bowl to slice them and looked down at the remaining fruit… I realized one of the oranges I JUST bought was already molding.

“OH, CMON!!”–me in frustration with Walmart produce

What’s wrong??“- Trent from the living room

One of the oranges I just bought is already rotten! It’s all blue and moldy!

Oh yeah! I saw that!

And you just.. left it? In the fruit bowl?..

Ha, Yeah. I guess I did..


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