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Should I Take My Pants Off?

Ever been faced with a time in life when you had to make a decision you are unsure about?

I faced one of these moments yesterday afternoon. My very awesome husband gave me a gift card for Christmas to get a facial. I have an obsession with clear skin and yet am plagued with a T-zone of Black heads. So after letting the Valentines-couples-spa-going crowd die out, I booked a facial.

This was my first time.

The receptionist took me into a small-dimly-lit room and conducted a short interview and told me what to expect.. including that I would be draped, and lying under blankets and on top of a heating pad… similar to a massage. So I should get undressed to “my comfort level”.

She then offered me a hot-neck wrap which I quickly accepted.. a little too quickly as she was going to place it around my neck and I yanked it out of her hands first. I have control issues.

Then she excused herself and left me to wait for Debbie, my aesthetician.

Loved Debbie. She was fantastic. But this was where I was faced with THE CHOICE.

Debbie took me back to our treatment room and asked me about my skin and then told me she would leave the room so I could get ready. Her instructions were:

“Ok, so take your shoes off and get comfortable. Your top needs to come off so we don’t get anything on it and then just tuck in your bra straps because I’ll be doing a little shoulder massage.”

Awesome! Yes! High five Debbie, I like all of that!

She steps out.

But wait!

Should I take my pants off?!

Is that creepy for just a facial?!

What is expected here?

Debbie are you going to judge me if you re-enter the room and see my jeans folded in the corner?

But I was thinking about the blankets. And the heating pad. And the already-warm-and-humidly-lavender infused room I was standing in.

Now I was taking too long to get undressed. Also weird.

I left my jeans on. Laid down. Threw the drape over myself. And pressed the “ready” light that would cue Debbie she could come back in. This was going to be fine.

Not fine.

She started lathering me with cleansers and a mask. Ever realized when your face is goopy, it affects your internal temperature? Like instantly hot all over? I also start feeling the heating pad kicking up. I start to get a sweat-stache on my upper lip.

Then she wraps my face in a *hot* moist towel to remove the mask. Pressing it around my face.

Debbie- “Is that feeling nice?”


Internally: Debbie, I can’t breathe

Debbie: “Wonderful. I’m going to put on a toner now and then going to turn on the steam to really open you up. And the serum will probably tingle a bit under the heat”

Steam. Tingle. Heat.

Why didn’t I wear leggings?! Jeans were the worst. I could have survived this in leggings.

“Oh, ok. That will be ok. Hey, Debbie.. do you think we could turn down the heating pad I’m laying on?”

OFF. Turn it off!!

She turns it off. That helps! Still warm, but I can handle warm.

She applies the toner. WOW that’s a tingle alright. Steamer is ready. She aims it for my face.

Fire. I am on fire. My nose is going to melt and collapse into my face.

“That’s really clearing you up nicely”

Thanks Debbie. At least I’ll die fresh-faced.

“Oh no, I’m out of cotton pads for our next step. I’ll be right back, I need to go get some more”

This was my chance. Operation Jean Removal.

The door clicked, I got to my button and zipper. YOU GOTTA BE QUICK, nothing could be worse than Debbie coming back in on…

The door handle turns. I flatten like a pancake. Jeans halfway down my legs. Not successful.

I remained trapped by denim and face still tingling.

But *thankfully* we were almost done, per Debbie the flame thrower.

She applied a few more serums- for SOOTHING the skin, thank the Lord. That felt wonderful. And my skin was smooth as silk. Finally cooling down. Ahhhh. I could almost forget about the denim bunches around my knees.


Praise God. The charade could end. I put myself back together and got the heck out of there.

Overall- I was a fan of the facial. After the fact, that is. My pores are grateful, Debbie!

And that is how I learned that NAKED is my comfort level for getting any spa treatment.

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