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Pantry Organization Haul!

Happiest Saturday to You!

We are working on a few MUCH needed household projects ’round here. We moved into our house in October and pretty much just shoved things where they would fit and have been making do since. Last week I COULD NOT TAKE ANYMORE. Clutter everywhere, piled on top of clutter. One particular area of our house especially- our kitchen pantry. One of my favorite aspects of our house, a spacious shelved nook to stash all my kitchen supplies and food, had become an EYESORE.

So I took it to amazon. I typed “pantry organization” in the search bar. Add to cart. Add to cart. Add to cart.

I bought a few handy pieces to help us make a home for all the odds and ends that had weaseled their way onto my pantry shelves. And though the outcome is not perfect, it still feels pretty MAGICAL.

Here’s some before pictures, I am almost embarrassed to post these. But it’s life people. #WifeLife

To start, we pulled everything, EVERYTHING out. We bought some lining material to lay on top of the shelves since they are wire- and it is the most frustrating thing some days. Things go topsy-turvy really quickly if they aren’t positioned just right. If you ever face this decision: Go for wood shelves.

I somewhat categorized the items in the pantry together as I was de-pantry-ing. I put together all my baking items-flour, chocolate chips, sugar, etc. Cereals and oatmeals. Cooking oils and liquids. You get the gist.

And then I sort of made a game plan for using all the organizers I purchased.

I bought a set of 2 turntables which I LOVE for the oils/liquids. In our previous house, we had 2 cabinets that were lazy susans and this was essentially where we kept all our pantry items. They were the muscle of our kitchen storage. So that’s what I was trying to recreate with the turntables. A much smaller, but still functional, lazy susan.

I wonder who Susan was and why she got that awesome cabinet component named after her. Was she that lazy? Did she spin a lot?

I also got a small shelving unit for canned goods. It has 3 tiers to keep them all at different levels for better visibility of WHAT THE HECK DO I HAVE IN HERE. They’re still a little hard to see, but more organized!

And then other than that, I purchased several plastic bins to house things. I say things because that’s all I can come up with. STUFF. IT’S STUFF.

Maggie says peep this new organization.

And somehow, we got it all back in. This is the SAME amount of stuff I started with! Can you believe that?! So much more space now that it’s a little more tidy. I’d still like to get a few more organizers for snack items and such, but I’m feeling so much better about this day all ready!

Thank you amazon!

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