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Ready for Take Off ✈️

Hello old friends and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It's our unofficial send off into summer and in the airline industry the official start of the busiest, craziest times of the year. It's time for SUMMER TRAVEL!! For a lot of people, vacationing once a year is the only time they'll fly on an airplane. Or… Continue reading Ready for Take Off ✈️

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My Mopping Life Truth

Have you ever watched the movie "Joy" when Jennifer Lawrence is wringing out a mop that she used to clean up broken glass (because I guess brooms aren't a thing in Hollywood) and then she cuts her hand to a bloody mess because DUH broken glass. That scene left a MARK on me. It left… Continue reading My Mopping Life Truth

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Pantry Organization Haul!

Happiest Saturday to You! We are working on a few MUCH needed household projects 'round here. We moved into our house in October and pretty much just shoved things where they would fit and have been making do since. Last week I COULD NOT TAKE ANYMORE. Clutter everywhere, piled on top of clutter. One particular… Continue reading Pantry Organization Haul!

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Should I Take My Pants Off?

Ever been faced with a time in life when you had to make a decision you are unsure about? I faced one of these moments yesterday afternoon. My very awesome husband gave me a gift card for Christmas to get a facial. I have an obsession with clear skin and yet am plagued with a… Continue reading Should I Take My Pants Off?

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Reasons to Hike, from a Non-Hiker

The weather was a BEAUTIFUL surprise today! 56 degrees, sun shining, Saturday-in-January delivered straight from the Lord above. After a tough week, the temperature rose and so did my spirits. My husband tried to take advantage of this and we drove out for an afternoon hike. I say "take advantage" because hiking with me can… Continue reading Reasons to Hike, from a Non-Hiker

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Why I Quit My Flight Attendant Job

It was exactly one year ago today that I flew to Atlanta, GA (a whole 20 minute flight from Chattanooga) to interview with Delta. I was so excited and SO nervous. I don't think the pit stains will ever come out of that shirt. I had practiced, I had prepared, and it was judgement day.… Continue reading Why I Quit My Flight Attendant Job

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The “Real” New Year

January 2nd is the official mark of the "real" new year. January 1st is a holiday. A day off work. A day to binge-watch Law & Order. A day to sleep in and catch up from the EXHAUSTING year you just survived. But today... today is the day people make changes. Trust me, I went… Continue reading The “Real” New Year