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Birthdays and Bananas

It has been a jam-packed weekend! Thursday was Trent's 27th birthday, a day I greet with open arms. It's the day that ends the streak in which I am the cougar-cradle-robbing bag of bones, as I am 4 months and 11 days his senior. Oh happy day. It also means something else. Banana Pudding. In… Continue reading Birthdays and Bananas

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Reasons to Hike, from a Non-Hiker

The weather was a BEAUTIFUL surprise today! 56 degrees, sun shining, Saturday-in-January delivered straight from the Lord above. After a tough week, the temperature rose and so did my spirits. My husband tried to take advantage of this and we drove out for an afternoon hike. I say "take advantage" because hiking with me can… Continue reading Reasons to Hike, from a Non-Hiker

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Mean People and Mean Mugz

We got burned this week. It was a combination of a bank holiday, inclement weather, bad luck and bad morals. The hubs and I are on the market for a new car. We've done some searching, perused the internet, test driven a few models. Lo and behold, we finally found one that fit our standards… Continue reading Mean People and Mean Mugz

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Why I Quit My Flight Attendant Job

It was exactly one year ago today that I flew to Atlanta, GA (a whole 20 minute flight from Chattanooga) to interview with Delta. I was so excited and SO nervous. I don't think the pit stains will ever come out of that shirt. I had practiced, I had prepared, and it was judgement day.… Continue reading Why I Quit My Flight Attendant Job


Healthy Burger Swap, Husband Approved!

Anyone else doing their best to make healthier choices since January 1? The struggle is real! Unfortunately, I have the genetics of an elephant.. so it's a struggle I have to commit to. The weekends are where I struggle the MOST. With every cookie aisle I pass by and with every restaurant menu I read… Continue reading Healthy Burger Swap, Husband Approved!

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The “Real” New Year

January 2nd is the official mark of the "real" new year. January 1st is a holiday. A day off work. A day to binge-watch Law & Order. A day to sleep in and catch up from the EXHAUSTING year you just survived. But today... today is the day people make changes. Trust me, I went… Continue reading The “Real” New Year