Recipe Contains Eggs

It’s a wonderful time of year.

Everyone knows Easter candy is the best candy. There is something about egg and bunny shaped treats that melt my self control. Candy tastes better in this form. Halloween has its hay day.. but Easter candy is the Lord’s candy. Amen.

Easter candy is pure and good eaten as is, however, I’m here to discuss a transformation. A transfiguration, if you will. #tistheseason

The Reese’s Egg. The show stopper. It stands alone. Can we improve it? Never. It is a Reese’s in its most perfect form. But we can put it into a tasty buttery-gooey batter and bake it to be devoured by many. Or just a gluttonous husband and wife pair, in my case.

I give you: the Peanut Butter Egg Blondie.

I baked this recipe made by one of my favorite food bloggers- Cookies and Cups. If your kid is really good at Easter-egg hunting and you find yourself with an abundance of Reese’s Eggs, or you just go buy a lot of them when the candy SALE hits- I recommend this recipe whole-heartedly.

Here’s some snapshots :The most self-control I’ve ever used.I’m usually not a blondie fan, but these are so MOIST and had amazing peanut butter flavor

Give them a try if you love calories and need to increase your thigh size. Thank me later.

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