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Workout Woes

There are some days that a workout is just not in the cards. My motivation tank was running on E today. After fighting the 5pm traffic home, I saw my couch and my dog and all I wanted was a Snuggie.

I did NOT want to go to the gym. But my husband, who happens to be my workout buddy, had his guns a-blazin’ and ready to go. This is the beauty of having someone to hold you accountable. This is also the WORST of having someone to hold you accountable.

So we went to the gym.

Fail #1: I am hungry. I had a little pre-snack but there is a very thin line between feeling energized at the gym and “Hi, do you have a special treadmill mop ’cause I just threw up.” There should also be zoning laws that a gym cannot be built within at least a mile radius of restaurants. In the same strip mall as our gym there is a Cici’s Pizza, Hibachi Japanese, a cafe, and a Dairy Queen. The parking lot is a battlefield of deliciousness. Just smells hitting you in the face- pizza high fives and cheeseburger punches. And I have to fight my way through everyday.

Fail #2: I wore some leggings that are too big to make me feel skinnier. If you don’t have a pair of leggings like this- you’re doing leggings wrong. It helped at first but I didn’t even get through our warm up when the waist was getting loose and the rear was riding NORTH. There is nothing to make me more self conscious than tugging at a wedgie in a gym full of people. “My butt doesn’t itch- it’s just my underwear”. Note to self: wear clothes that fit.

Fail #3:Working out with my husband is great, I love having him to push me and support me- BUT like everything that comes with marriage, there is a limit. #WIFELIFE. We have been doing a combination of weight lifting and also recently have been working in (as much as he would probably hate to know I’m sharing this) a workout called the Bikini Body Guide. He is literally the best sport. If it’s your first time hearing about this workout program, don’t let the name fool you. It is hard. Make-you-want-to-write-your-suicide-note hard. It is 2 sets of 4 circuits that you repeat nonstop for 7 minutes, 4 times, totaling to 28 minutes of self hatred and weakness. So we each do a different set so we aren’t trying to use the same equipment at the same time. We both take a look at the 4 circuits we are going to do, try to memorize it, and start the timer on my phone.

Me: “ok, you ready for me to start the clock?”

Trent: “yeah…… wait. Let me see the list one more time.” Reads his exercises out loud.

Me: “STOP talking out loud, now I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do. Let me see mine again”

Trent: “you ready?”

Me: “Yes, ok. Let’s do it”

Trent: “wait, let me look it over one more time”

It takes 7 minutes of preparation for us to get to the 7 minutes of workout. You repeat the circuits 4 times. We repeat this pattern every. time.

Fail 4: I only made it half way through the workout tonight before I was just DONE. That’s not the fail, though. I’m counting that as at least a half-win. A second place, if you will. Because I WENT. But now I am home. I am preparing a salad to make up for the only half-completed workout. I have 2 avocados. One is hard as a rock, the other is mush with a brown skin. I have failed this avocado, and both of them have failed me tonight.

To better days fit friends!

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